Claremont Wedding Photographer

Claremont Backyard Garden Wedding// Nicole + Gary


I simply adore charming backyard weddings and this one was one of my favorites. Nicole had a vision of what she wanted her wedding to look like, she spent months planning out the sweet details to create the cutest backyard garden wedding Claremont you had ever seen.

Nicole and Gary made all of the decor for their creative garden wedding in Gary’s Mom’s backyard where he grew up. The shabby chic, and colorful props were darling and everyone commented on how beautiful this Claremont garden was.

Nicole and Gary took all of their romantic photos before the wedding ceremony because they wanted to enjoy each moment they had with their family and friends.

Here is a sneak peek into this darling backyard garden wedding in Claremont.

Enjoy them and please let me know if you need a wedding photographer and I would love to work with you.

XO Michelle

Venue: Adorable Claremont Garden Backyard

Photographer: Michelle Johnson Photography